Colorado Motorcycle Academy


Colorado Motorcycle Academy was born to not only provide the best experience in training for Colorado motorcyclists, but to make sure that anyone who wants to learn how to ride or improve their skills is able to get the training they are searching for. Through all the seriousness in life and motorcycle safety, at CMA we make sure to have fun along the way!

We aim to provide each and every one of our students with the tools and knowledge they will need to be a safe, present, and model motorcyclist, while enjoying the ride. CMA is passionate about safety. The number of motorcycle related accidents continues to rise. It is estimated that 92% of motorcyclists who crash have never taken a training course (Hurt Study 1981). At CMA, we take it personally anytime we here of an accident, and we want to know that we are doing everything we can so that no one falls through the cracks with a lack of training.

At Colorado Motorcycle Academy we are first enthusiasts. Enthusiasts for riding anything on two wheels and the incredible joy that it has brought to individuals and families since the early 1900’s. We’re enthusiasts for faith, for people, for positivity, for growth, for adventure, for laughter, for giving back, and for doing what we can to share all that has impacted our lives for the better.

We are enthusiasts for living life to the fullest and giving our all to any and everything we endeavor. At CMA we go the extra mile to focus on each individual’s circumstances, needs, and desires to do our best to provide a great and fun filled experience. Regardless of the reason you want to take a class, if you have any experience, or if you have ridden every type of motorcycle and want to test your knowledge and skills, our goal is that you leave CMA with a feeling of accomplishment, a desire for more, and a big smile on your face. Beyond that, our hope is that the moment you walk through Colorado Motorcycle Academy’s doors, it will not just be the beginning of a class, but the beginning of a lifelong friendship.


At CMA, we are all about the experience of your training. First and foremost, we want to have fun!! In order to do that, we believe in providing a quality environment and excellent communication while focusing on each student as an individual. It is important to us to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment that is open to all with no judgment on who you are, where you come from, what your experience is, etc.

Communication is a top priority both during and outside the class. This is adult centered learning where we focus on honest, open, accountable communication and encourage that from our students as well. You will find more conversation and engagement from students than you will lecture here at CMA. We understand that your training is about you, where you are now and where you want to be, what your goals are, and most importantly, how you learn.

We want to know what kind of riding you do, want to do, or plan on doing. We know how important the art of listening is. We strive to be excellent listeners and encourage our students to do the same as every person is different in personality, experience, and needs.

Most of all, we hope that sharing some of our life experience will provide the best training you could hope for. We know everyone has different circumstances, and regardless of what is happening outside of class, we want to help you refresh your mind to be as focused and present in class. This will help you enjoy your training to the fullest! Whether it’s during study, in a conversation, riding motorcycles, exercising, or enjoying a camp fire, you will see that anything you are doing brings exponential results when you are present and focused on the moment at hand.

At CMA we begin each morning class with a few exercises to release any energy that may have been brought in from outside circumstances, and help focus and harmonize the attention of the class and start off with a bang! Finally, we are also trained, and continue to develop our training, in understanding the different personality types and what that means for the way each individual learns and communicates. This also helps to ensure that every person, regardless of their situation and who they are, is able to get everything they are looking for in their adventure of learning to ride.


My name is Shaundell, enthusiast, owner, and rider coach of CMA. I am a Colorado native, born and raised in Boulder where I fell in love with riding at age 10. I learned how to ride on dirt bikes, got my first street bike when I was 16, and have been riding ever since. I have 27 years trail/motocross experience, over 20 years on the street, and have owned over 30 different motorcycles of every style. I love trail riding, track days on the pavement and dirt, twisting through the canyons, and cruising to different cafes. I always customize my bikes and enjoy building and customizing bikes for my friends and family.

My current project is a café racer for my wife. She loves to ride as well and has been an enthusiast ever since I introduced her to my world. My dream has been to race motorcycles and that dream coming true in 2017 as I make my debut racing in the Colorado Super Moto series. Riding motorcycles, being an enthusiast, sharing those experiences with those I love, and meeting amazing people along the way.

This training didn’t exist when I started riding, or at least it wasn’t as readily available. I have lost many friends to motorcycle related accidents and I feel that if they had had proper training, there is a much larger chance that they would still be here. I am beyond grateful and blessed to have been trained, coached, and mentored by some of the most excellent RiderCoaches in the nation. Even more so to have been entrusted with personally coaching over 1,000 students with the knowledge that I have gained.

I am honored to be able to continue to coach and share this knowledge and experience with others, and am grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn for the remainder of my days. It is a true joy.

Get trained. Keep learning. Ride Wise.