Colorado Motorcycle Academy


“Shaundell Ross was an awesome coach to have for my MSF course. His years of knowledge and enthusiasm for riding motorcycles really showed when he instructed class. He actively engaged with me during the course, and was able to effectively show me techniques to improve my handling of the bike. In addition, Shaundell gave me some really helpful tips that I have been able to use as a new rider, all the way up to my current state as an amateur motorcycle racer. I’m still using his riding techniques to this day. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”
-Edward Refvem

“Shaundell was my rider coach for a basic rider course some time ago. I had never ridden a motorcycle but his teaching style made the course relaxed, fun, but serious when it needed to be. He knew when to push and when to give me time to figure things out on my own, as allowed by time. He was always completely honest about your skills and made safer riders because of it. His passion for the sport is evident in everything he does and he doesn’t give up on anyone who wants to learn. Even when class was done he has consistently made himself available to work with past students to help them with their skills. He’s an amazing instructor who knows how to teach and I’d advise anyone to take his classes.”
-Cassie Porter

“{Shaundell) helped my dream come true. Riding a motorcycle was a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I didn’t want to go against my parents will, so it took me years to finally decided to ride. I came to Shaundell having no experience with a motorcycle. He taught me to ride from scratch; literally from how to start the motorcycle. I was excited and scared, and he made the learning experience fun, comfortable, and encouraging. He is not only a great instructor, he is a great rider and most responsible adviser. His concerns and advise have been very valuable since I started riding. He is my absolute go to person every time I want to step up a level of my riding skill. With his help, in one year I’m riding on the street, have outgrown my beginner street bike, and moving into dirt biking as well. I feel extremely lucky to have him as my instructor and continue to enjoy riding.”
-Onon Pioner