Colorado Motorcycle Academy


Our advanced courses are for those who are ready to test the limits of their motorcycle riding with professional riding instructors. We will train you on high-speed maneuvers, swerving, acceleration and stopping, and skilled handling of your bike on different surfaces. These courses are only for those who are already very experienced at high-speed biking.

ARC & UBBRC Cancelation/Rescheduling Policy:
We provide a full refund for cancellation and you can reschedule up to 48 hours before the start of your class. There is a $75 fee if you fail to contact us prior to 48 hours before the start of your class to cancel or reschedule.

Advanced RiderCourse (ARC) $175

A one-day course that complements your basic skills and helps with personal risk assessment. It includes a fast-paced classroom segment with several fun interactive activities to improve perception and hazard awareness. Range exercises enhance both basic operating skills and crash-avoidance skills. Improving your braking and cornering finesse is emphasized. The course is beneficial for riders on any type of street motorcycle. Taught at different location.

Ultimate Bike-Bonding RiderCourse (UBBRC) $175

The 5-hr UBBRC is for experienced riders who have completed BRC and BRC2. There is no formal classroom and the riding exercises focus on limited-space maneuvers, modeled after police training courses. Through progressively challenging exercises, you develop smooth and precise control and learn more about the limits of your abilities and your bike’s capability. You must bring a valid motorcycle permit/license endorsement, and an insured/registered/street-legal motorcycle.